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Throughout the years we have learned that the development process is strongly tied with the whole software lifecycle and we have succeeded in maintaining the right balance between the multiple hats that a true software engineer must wear in order to bring their project to a successful outcome.

Involved in a project from beginning to end, we are always part of the architecture team, trying to not only provide answers to specific problems, but to also have a larger overview of the environment, actors and scenarios. In our experience this stage is a crucial one, as correctly understanding the needs to be met means having a straight forward way to lead the project to success.

Using the industry best practices, we then proceed to the development phase. This is a time to get our hands dirty and write the code that spins the wheels, which we have to admit as our favorite part. Be it alone or as part of a larger team, we always enjoy learning from new experiences at this stage and always try making our days more interesting and challenging.

The next stage is the feedback stage for us, the time to interact with the testing team and the client, in a common effort to meet the project goals and the original expectations. We recognize that the process is an agile one and so we are flexible, making it our purpose to bring the best practices and the client's requests to an equilibrium state.

The support stage is always part of our journey aboard the project ship and we never leave too early as, to us, the final destination is as important as the whole adventure.​