Collaborative Code

Welcome to Collaborative Code!

Founded in 2007, Collaborative Code is a team of two experienced consultants working exclusively with SharePoint. We aim to use the newest and the best tools available in order to build solutions that our customers, either end users or development companies, can take full advantage of.

We work either on site or remotely and we have proven, along the way, that we are great in all types of environments, no matter how far or how big or how accustomed to SharePoint they might be. We are not only developers, but we also have management and customer support skills, although our strength area remains building the actual product.

Our technical expertise includes Web Content Management, Enterprise Content Management, InfoPath, the Social engine of SharePoint and everything in between.

Our work experience includes the academic environment, medical, oil & gas, airline and business industry, while our consultants have successfully integrates with US, Finnish, Swedish and British teams.