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​Write once, run everywhere

Although the "write once, run everywhere" idea behind responsive design has been talked about since 2010, it is now that it is beginning to gain ground in SharePoint, with specialists saying that it is quickly becoming one of the "must haves" of web sites built on SharePoint 2013.

Sometimes it is just a simple change that creates a better user experience. However, the theory and the methods behind responsive design are numerous and the results that can be acheived can even be spectacular at times, so not using the power of responsive design is only limiting your web site's true potential. SharePoint 2013 includes design and rendering changes that make a site built on its platform a perfect candidate for responsive design - fluid grids, flexible images and media queries can all be used with little effort and a skilled developer hand.

We would say that responsive design is definitely one of the areas that deserve most attention right now, as more and more devices are being used to acces the internet. And, let's face it, the web site is a company's business card to its customers and it is also the communication hub to its employees, so flexibility is crucial at this point.

Beleiving strongly in the efficiency and usefulness of responsive web design, we have decided to make an example out of ourselves - our web site is built usign the afore mentioned principles. It is amongst our first responsive design endeavours and we are proud to present it as a successful example.