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Create your web identity on the SharePoint web content management platform

SharePoint 2013 brings new and improved features of web content management ‚Äčthat make working with web sites easier than ever. Search engine optimization comes out of the box in the shape of friendly URLs, content can be shared across site collections without any custom work, the integrated translation service makes multilingual sites just a configuration, navigation has become dynamic through the usage of metadata, while the device specific channels are a helpful adition to the responsive design practices.

It was never easier to build a branded identity for your organization - public or internal sites, they all benefit from of the SharePoint features. Brand consistency is important and, in our experience, it influences both internal and external business processes.

We are specialized in branding since the 2007 version of SharePoint. It is one of our favourite business areas, due to its flexibiity, versatility and impact on the end user. We will always gladly take on a new branding project, no matter our current work load - it is rewarding and never the same.